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Jespah Holthof, born in Groningen, the Netherlands and currently living in Konstanz, Germany. Committed enthusiast photographer since 2006, turned Pro end of 2009. The Images here are reduced in size, for the full sized versions and more, please visit me here:
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27 Feb 2009 9:53am

----------JH-Imaging----------- from Konstanz, Germany

Am afraid so. I put it in a glass, light from the side and took the picture from above in super macro. Do you like it??

27 Feb 2009 5:01pm

----------JH-Imaging----------- from Konstanz, Germany

Oh, and for more views of the same subject http://opedfay.blogspot.com/2009/02/19-02-09-food.html

27 Feb 2009 5:06pm

pbdweeeebie from South Africa

Really great concept! Nice shot too.

18 Mar 2009 6:31pm